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NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

NAMI has a vision of a world where individuals impacted by mental illness can lead healthy and satisfying lives, with the backing of a compassionate community. NAMI furnishes advocacy, education, support, and public awareness initiatives to empower individuals and families impacted by mental illness, enabling them to construct better lives. NAMI holds and maintains the values of hope, inclusion, empowerment, compassion, and fairness. At NAMI, they undertake multiple efforts to aid individuals and families impacted by mental illness. Through their education programs, which are accessible across the US via NAMI State Organizations and Affiliates, they equip hundreds of thousands of people with the necessary support and knowledge. Additionally, they offer support groups for individuals with mental illness and caregivers, organized by our NAMI State Organizations and Affiliates throughout the country, to ensure that no one faces their mental health journey alone. Their advocacy initiatives enable us to influence national public policy regarding mental illness, and they empower volunteer leaders with the resources, tools, and skills they need to save mental health in every state. At NAMI, they also listen to individuals and families impacted by mental illness through their toll-free NAMI HelpLine, which provides personalized support and information to hundreds of thousands of people every year. Finally, they lead public awareness events and activities, including Mental Illness Awareness Week and NAMIWalks, to combat the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage understanding. They collaborate with journalists regularly to raise awareness about the importance of mental health in our country. For more information and access to the resources that may be available to you through NAMI, you may visit their main website or their county specific website for specific resources available in your area.

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